Are you wanting to PAUSE so you can FEEL yourself and your LIFE in a more deeper way?
RESTORE the physical body and tune in with your INNER WISDOM?

You won't want to miss this...

The Woman's Wisdom Workshop

A Path to your Total Well Being

Empowering Women's Total Well Being through the

Power of Meditation and deep relaxation.

Finding your inner voice.

Happening Soon!


25th March 2017, Bahrain
28th April 2017, Qatar
6th May 2017, Al khobar, Saudi Arabia
17th June 2017, Amsterdam


 This is what we will be working on:
  • Practice deep relaxation, restoring the physical body and connecting to your inner wisdom.
  • Practice an ancient Yoga technique helping you releasing and letting go of self-doubt and trusting your intuition
  • Flow through a creative Yoga practice,  designed to help you to tune in, with your unique feminine expression in the world.
  • Plant new seeds of positive thinking patterns, through writing and meditation.
Connect to your body.
Tap into your Soul.

As Women we always have so much to give to others ( our children, our husbands, our families, our work…) that many times we forget to pause and to take the time to nourish ourselves.
Society values your achievements and how much you are capable of accomplishing. Little do we know, that the time for pausing and renewing ourselves is what helps us to choose our ‘battles’ wisely, to select what is important, from what is not and to direct our energy to what really matters.
If You are looking for a time to reflect about yourself and your life in a more deeper way, restore the physical body and tune in with your inner wisdom, you will love this private event.

This is what some of the participants said...

“Insightful, moving… Loved the idea of women being here for each other.”
Mary Jo., Scotland

“ I was very pleased with the workshop. It left me feeling relaxed and confident. I feel more prepared to meet the struggles of everyday life.”
Kirsty Brown, Finland

“Very beneficial to connect with our internal feelings, specially when lead by a inspirational and motivating soul like Paula.”
Cathy Murphy, Scotland

“I enjoyed the workshop a lot because it had everything that I needed: the part of supporting each other, specially of our worries, stretching exercise through Yoga and the best part is always the meditation, but not least the tea!”
Reem, Lebanon

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About Paula Costa

Her mission:

"to inspire and help people to reclaim their natural state of Well Being, so they can live a life of Joy and Purpose.

Her background

A former Civil engineer, she quit her job to embrace maternity and live her dream: creating life in a way that feels meaningful, creative and at ease.

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, devotes her energy to inspire people from all over the world through Yoga practice and her blog, in personal growth and spirituality, to live a balanced and healthier life: physically, mentally and spiritually.

 She is a Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader, providing the guidance you need in difficult times.

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I Can't wait to see you in!



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